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A huge huntsman spider found by someone in a relative's house, living under a clock. He took 3 photographs before, presumably, running from the room with terror. the first one is the clock, with the spider's legs poking out from one side of it. the second is a pic of the spider with the clock gone (it's not clear whether the clock has been moved or the spider as moved away from it) and the third one is a horrifyingly detailed close up showing the fur on the spider (eurgh). According to legend, this spider once had a ninth leg which fell off in a battle with limecat and became the being mortals worship as "God". Fools, clock spider will not treat them with mercy when judging them along with worshippers of limecat who will, undoubtedly, be fed to the spider after judgement day. rumor has it that the messenger the spider sends as the "judge" on judgement day will be a humongous piece of cheese, but since the spider will probably have eaten the Jupiter sized king of cheese long before then, who will be sent remains to be seen...
clock spider > limecat / limecat > clockspider / AAARRRGGGHHH! IT'S BIGGER THAN A CLOCK!!! *faints*
by hatrickpatrick April 07, 2004
A complete idiot, a guillible person, someone who makes incredibly ridiculous mistakes. A generally clumsy and slapstick person.

Toolery: 1. A group of tools. 2. The act of being a tool, "stop this toolery!"
Look what you've done, you tool!
There he goes again, acting the tool...
Ignore the foolish tool and lets go
#toolery: 1: a group of tools #2: the act of being a tool; this toolery has gone far enough! #langer #fool #eejit
by hatrickpatrick December 19, 2005
1: A group of Tools.

2: Acting the tool
1: Ah, here comes the toolery now.

2: Stop this Toolery you idiot!
#group of idiots #tools #tool #acting the tool #toolery
by hatrickpatrick December 21, 2005
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