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The pronunciation of the word "okay," intended to convey disapproval with someone or their comments. This word is pronounced with a deep, gutteral tone and should come across as sounding like a mentally retarded person. Do not be confused with Lil' Jon's pronunciation of the word "okay," as it is much different from this one.
Chet B: I like boys.
Me: "Ohkaaayy..."
by hatersanonymous August 16, 2005
Slang version of the species of whale known as the "sperm whale." This term also derived from the word "skat," which can be used as the past tense of "skeet."
Skat whales pack an unbelievable amount of skeet in their systems.
by hatersanonymous August 18, 2005
Pronounced "bush-lee." This word is actually a result of the misuse of the term "bush league" by Amir. A rip-off of Ron Burgundy's phrase "this is bush!" Often referring to a situation in which one does not experience any luck. This can be the case when playing poker and you get beat on the river or in Halo 2 when you get beat by some nub wielding the "noob combo."
Amir S: That's bushly.
Me: You're a dumbass, get out of my house...
by hatersanonymous August 16, 2005
A hyphenated slang version of the Spanish word, "cabron," meaning "bastard." Mostly used by Puerto Ricans in the south of the U.S., almost exclusively in Texas. This word can be accompanied by the phrase "dooo" as in "dooo ca'on" to emphasize a particularly unbelievable incident.
Me: Mario, your wifebeater has a bit of grease on it...
Mario M: Doooo ca'on!
by hatersanonymous August 18, 2005
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