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When sharing a spliff, when you have to pass it, hold it out to the next person. if they do not realise the spliff is there after a minute or so you pass it to the person after them. the person who has the spliff takes a drag and says "Toothed".
The person who just missed the spliff has been toothed.
Carl : *drags the spliff" Toothed!

Danny : Shit! i always get toothed
by hateallblacks June 28, 2009
When someone is smoking a ciggarete, and you ask for twos or last drags, they offer you jesus drags. Jesus did not smoke, so they mean they will not save you any.
Roger : Can i have LD's on that rollup?

Dom : I'll save you jesus drags

Roger : Douche
by hateallblacks July 04, 2009
A racist term used when describing a Black person (wog) with blonde hair, doesn't necessarily have to look like a wig.
John : look at that fucking wig wog over there!
Joe : ahaha! what a coon!
by hateallblacks March 07, 2009
An EMO who doesn't want to be called an emo because of the steryotype
John : HA! fuckin emo!

Jim : Actually im a scene kid!
by hateallblacks May 31, 2009
Cannabis Resin, more harsh on the lungs than regular cannabis, known to give people headaches and make people go on missions
Fuck, i smoked some noggin yesterday, had a bad head but a bloody good time!!!
by hateallblacks July 23, 2009

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