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Limiting the amount of "nerdy" references you can make during a specific time period. This can be a personal goal or imposed by an annoyed friend. The effort is protect yourself from appearing lame.

EX: One Harry Potter reference a day; two Star Wars references if they're particularly clever; and one Twilight reference if it won't cause sexuality confusion.
Friend: How did you get home from the bars last night?
Me: I apparated.
Friend(Nerd Quota Enforcer): That's one.
by harrymotherfuckingpotter August 09, 2010
When a guy becomes so "Bro" that the term "Bro" is no longer strong enough to describe the "Bro." Derived from the two terms Bro and Faggot.

Often used to describe guys who match their jerseys with their pro back baseball hats (usually both hat and jersey are for teams they don't actually support i.e. Boston).

Broggots usually spend the same amount of time and effort shopping for bro outfits as a flamboyant homosexual would. Ironically, however, the broggot is usually very homophobic, to the point where they will start fights to protect the status of their sexuality. This is a defense mechanism, most are closet homosexuals.

Broggots are often spotted at the gym(still wearing hat), playing beer pong, in front of mirrors, or in a boat with a lot of other broggots playing Eminem music.
"Check out this bro's shirt...if he cut it any further on the sides it would be a poncho."

"What a fucking broggot!"

"Totally....and it smells like farts."
by harrymotherfuckingpotter August 13, 2010
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