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yonis: (noun) 19 year old albanian virgin immigrant who spends his days learning hip hop dance moves, "threatening" people with a cap gun, and stalking mexican guys and underage girls, but still coming up empty-handed. In the night he lurks in the shadows watching HBO Latino. Hates all races, including his own. Looks up to White Supremacist Wayne as a roll model. Believes strongly in the usage of the "N" word. Chronic masturbater. Vocabulary consists of "say somethin'" and "yo man". Compares himself to Negrodomis. Has carried the same condom in his wallet since 1993. Makes God-like predictions. Once deep throated an entire banana. Abstinent, but not by choice.

Sexual experiences include:
Girl: Are you going to YonisFest?
Her Friend: Who is Yonis?
Girl: You know the 2 stepping Albanian
Her Friend: Oh shit I saw that....no
by harrybeaver October 16, 2007

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