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a dirty sloppy wet gumby when taking a massive shit

its a gumby and a blumpkin at the same time
yo my nigg the other day i was takeing my shit when your grandma walked in and delerious as she was she gave me a nasty glumpkin.

his nigg: WTF AWWWWWLLGHGFGHG mmhm,m dude wtf why... i think im gonna uhuh ..... i think i- im gonna go get one ill see ya later bro.
by harry s taint September 21, 2011
a girl with pointy nips and narrow tits and when she walks she puts her shoulders back and gets ready to drop jaws and poke eyes.
hey ernest did you see those perks

e: no? what on call of duty?

no that chick she just walked by and almost took my eye out

by harry s taint September 25, 2011
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