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317 definitions by harry flashman

One who is fond of being athletic.
Bubba is a jockular fellow who pops steroids like M&M's and must not be angered at all costs.
by harry flashman July 15, 2003
Erhalten Sie ein Leben, beschmutzte Unterwasche; auf wiedersehen.
by harry flashman July 10, 2003
A mild interjection suggesting disappointment.
Catshit! My draft number is 14...I'm either getting a Rhodes scholarship or wearing a dress to my induction physical in Little Rock.
by harry flashman July 09, 2003
To lollygag or drag one's feet; procrastination in decision making.
Leon continued to fiddlefart with the remote, incapable of deciding between NASCAR on channel 106 or the MossyOak Infomercial on channel 329.
by harry flashman August 10, 2003
Unattractive breasts.
Most men don't believe there is such a thing as jugglies.
by harry flashman July 26, 2003
An asshole of asteroid or planetoid proportions.
Though not gifted with the ability to articulate his feelings in a socially aceptable way, Larry was able to compensate by behaving like an assteroid and getting his point across quite effectively.
by harry flashman July 13, 2003
An interjection indicating exasperation.
Catshit and apple butter, I just got put in charge of the United Way campaign again this year.
by harry flashman July 06, 2003