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Military acronym for Shitty Little Jobs Officer.
Ensign Velloquette was SLJO and his duties included postal audit, narcotics inventory/control, wardroom mess caterer, welfare and recreation fund audit, cash count inventory for the disbursing officers petty cash fund, enlisted linen supply serial number accounting, galley bean count, stadimeter calibration committee chairman, audio/visual tape inventory, small arms ammunition audit, fuel and lube oil testing program review board, nuclear weapons shelf life review and disposal board, mercury, polychlorinatedbiphenels, and berylium oxide storage and disposal board. Ensign Velloquette felt overwhelmed and underconfident his first day aboard USS Flounder (DD-666)
by harry flashman July 15, 2003
Erhalten Sie ein Leben, beschmutzte Unterwasche; auf wiedersehen.
by harry flashman July 10, 2003
n. Characterized by having phallitosis.
Rob has the worst case of peckerbreath I have ever encountered.
by Harry Flashman July 02, 2003
A person who monopolizes someone else's infant, usually a mother-in-law or grandmother who believes the parent or parents undeserving of the child.
"God, what a baby hog," said Gretchen, "She's all over that kid like a hound with a ham bone."
by harry flashman October 11, 2003
An asshole of asteroid or planetoid proportions.
Though not gifted with the ability to articulate his feelings in a socially aceptable way, Larry was able to compensate by behaving like an assteroid and getting his point across quite effectively.
by harry flashman July 13, 2003
An infatuation with flatulence.
Delbert loved to share his inflatuation with strangers in long lines at Wal-mart check-out counters and in long elevator rides.
by harry flashman August 14, 2003
Unattractive breasts.
Most men don't believe there is such a thing as jugglies.
by harry flashman July 26, 2003

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