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a wonderful experience that one goes through. love is finding that someone whom ur able to share everything with. Its happiness and a somewhat fullfillment of life. Love is always being with him or always thinking of him when hes so fa apart from you. Love is letting eachother know that ur always there for eachother no matter what. Love is wipe her tears and his as well, and holding eachother close at all times. Its love when even after u fight u dont hold anything against eachother and things are forgotten instantly beacuse for u ur relation is important than winning any argument or anything else. Its not a sexual scenario or just having intercourse and heading on off ur own paths. Love is lying in the grass beside him just looking up , its him kissing you gently and u two being together as if there was no tommorrow. Love isnt just having a boyfriend and fooloing around with him and having a couple of nice dates with him. Love bieng with someone who wll not hurt you and whos there for the long run. You cant love every person ur with, and then say that love sucks when u break up or he/ she finds someone else. Its waiting, being patient. Dont say I love you until u truly know its for real and its to the right person. Love needs time dotn just jump into for pleasure. Let things happens. Love is waiting for him/her for as long as it takes .. its sacrifice...
girl: i dont want you to leave
boy: baby its just a year and i promise its gonna be over soon
girl: (crying) how will i live without you
boy: (wiping tears) i'll go come back and then ill nevr leave you our love is strong and with it we can get through anything
girl: (hugs him) i... really .. love you... always
boy: i love you too
by harinder August 20, 2007
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