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When you the only possible outcome is you having it
Friend: Dude, you gotta get on that chick
You: Bro, I gots
by Harebear November 16, 2010
The trash skateboard one rides on rainy days. Bearings are janky and slow, likely been wd-40d at least six times. The deck looks like a chewed up popsicle stick with griptape on it. The wheels might be bigger, old, chipped up longboard wheels that look like they rode over a bed of nails. (A person might want big wheels to compensate for the bad bearings.) The trucks could be part Independent, part Thunder, with some old bushings from a kiddie skateboard. It's the board made from odds and ends, perfect for subjecting to torture like wet pavement.
There's no way I'm walking to work today. I don't care if it's raining, I'm taking the skateboat.

Gilbert: "It's wet outside. I want to skate, but I don't want to ride my Powell Peralta."

Marty: "Dude! Take your Skateboat!"
by harebear January 14, 2013
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