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when one becomes so angry and for one reason or another can not hit the person/thing with anything other than their penis, and so resorts to using their penis as a weapon.
1) just shut the fuck up bitch and suck my dick!
2) but i wanna talk while doing it
*slap, slap, slap, slap*
by hardstyle1997 August 07, 2011
Renob is boner spelt backwards. Many people thought and still think that it means the same thing as boner. but with my degree in ancient language from Harvard and extensive knowledge of a thing called "Mathematics" i've been able to understand that renob= -boner. and as we all know a negative boner is when something is so f@#king gross that it makes your penis deplete in size.
1) dude, have you seen that new chick. danm shes ugly.
2) yeah man, she gave me a massive renob!
by hardstyle1997 July 26, 2011
when a guy cums on a chick's face then shaves off his pubes and throws them on her face, the cum keeping the pubes in place. then you break her legs.
she was annoying me. so i gave her the angry pirate
by hardstyle1997 August 24, 2011

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