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The act of putting a strap on dildo to your forehead and engaging in rough anal sex with said strap on dildo.
Dude 1: "Dude my ass hurts so much!!"

Dude 2: "Why?"

Dude 1: "My girlfriend gave me the Disgruntled Rhinoceros last night"

Dude 2: "Damn, how did she talk you into that?"

Dude 1: "She promised she would let me do a Jamaican Pile Driver"

Dude 2: "So worth it"
by hardcoredeathcruster February 26, 2009
The act of giving anal sex to a woman and inserting the largest dildo you can find into her vagina.

The act of receiving a blow job from your partner while in the pile drive position, and then laying their ass out on the floor.

Dude 1: "Hey dude! I knocked out my girlfriend last night!"
Dude: 2: "Really? How?"
Dude 1: "Jamaican Pile Driver"
Dude 2: "Nice"

Dude 1: "Hey dude I JPD'd my girlfriend last night!"

Dude 2: "Really, how big was it this time?"

Dude 1: "I used a baseball bat this time"

Dude 2: "Rad"
by hardcoredeathcruster February 26, 2009

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