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2 definitions by hapticity

To be so jubilant that one uses the phrase Beeyah twice, but, he or she splits the second Beeyah in half and puts the first Bee in front of said Beeyah and the Yah behind the said Beeyah, thus creating the paradoxical stereographic term, BeeBeeYahYah, which is twice the glee of just plain and lymphatic Beeyah
OMG, transformers 2 came out! and megan fox is sooooooooo hot! BeeBeeYahYah!
by hapticity August 11, 2009
To kick someone or thing with such force that the receiver of the Jennypow comes clean out of their Nike's.
Joe wouldn't shut up about his new Nike's, and i was getting real tried of that. so, for being such a gluttonous ass, i Jennypow'd his shit and then boosted his free Nike's.
by hapticity August 10, 2009