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A girl who is so beautiful, smart, funny, and has such a good personality that she is not only taken but has guys pursuing her in the hopes that her boyfriend slips up. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity if you get to be with a girl like this, but it seems there is always someone ahead of you in the "batting order."
Guy 1 : "Wow, that girl is just amazing in every sense of the word! Do you know if she has a boyfriend?"
Guy 2: "Haha you've got to be kidding me, don't even waste your time, she's got batters on deck."
by handle this February 20, 2010
A quick intelligent excuse for "accidently" touching some one's private parts on purpose as you walk by them.
"I'm so sorry, my hand has a mind of its own" was his goose excuse.

He got his face slapped because she didn't buy his goose excuse for the third time.
by Handle This July 13, 2014
Work Induced Bowel Movement: A sudden, lengthy bowel movement brought on (to avoid) work, chores, or other responsibilities.
Steve hasn't finished the job because he's been in the bathroom for the last hour with a nasty case of WIBM.
by Handle This July 13, 2014
When you're kayak is being high jacked.
Hey you're kayak is being highyaked.
by Handle This July 13, 2014

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