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When someone gets their face pushed into the snow by their friend. Usually during snowball fights.
"Oh man,yesterday we had this crazy snowball fight and I gave Timmy a snow facial!"
by Hana12343214 December 20, 2008
When you are chewing mint gum outside during winter and when you inhale through your mouth you get a cold and fresh sensation in your mouth.
Aah, frost mouth!
by Hana12343214 January 16, 2009
The Law of Double Penetration: It's only gay if your balls touch.
Tom, Suzy, and Jack made sure to follow the LDP in their threesome.
by Hana12343214 April 18, 2010
The clothing you wear during a (usually work-related) webcam meeting. Since only the areas the camera sees is your upper body, many webcam correspondents choose not to bother wearing pants. This can lead to embarrassment if said correspondent stands up or accidentally moves the camera, putting their pantslessness on display.
The big long-distance meeting with the head of the NY branch was going pretty well until I stood up...I hadn't shaved my legs in a month and was wearing my webcam wardrobe, ratty old briefs with multiple stains.
by hana12343214 December 21, 2010
A slogan for Always (the makers of feminine hygiene products). The slogan must have been made by men, because any woman knows that periods are a rather unhappy time.
Have a happy period!

The only way I could have a happy period is if I just had a pregnancy scare.
by Hana12343214 April 30, 2011

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