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One of NYC's greatest graffiti legends. Now known as "DJ Kay Slay". Now.. this is when he was dope, he has obviusly sold out now to the top 40 rap culture, but before all that he was a true subway crusher. He was in the legendary movie "Style Wars" 1982. A legend, and a hero. Peace
Damn... I give my props to all that cats on Style wars, Skeme, Dez, Trap, Revolt, Zephyr, Min One, Dondi, Shy 147, Iz, Cap, etc, they are all legends and should never be forgotten.
by Hamydeez April 16, 2004
The TL. The Tenderloin. Notorious downtown neighborhood in San Francisco, home to drug dealers, peddlers, whores, stick up kids, pimps, corners, hella liquor shops, n strung out heroin fiends. The only bad area outta towners and tourist seem to represent or see in the sco. They forgettin bout HP and all of the south east SF neighborhoods.
The TL aint nuttin to fuck wit.
by hamydeez November 05, 2004
Don't listen to the person oboves definition. It's not being crazy. That's ridiculous. Wildstyle is a legendary movie from the 80's representing the birth of hip hop, the NYC subculture, and the 3 elements of hip hop. Breaking, Writing, and rapping. Wildstyle/wild styles is also when graff writers stray away from doing pieces in straight letters and they go all out and go crazy with their shit.
I did a mad wild style top to bottom on the 6 line last night, hopefully it will be running on monday.
by Hamydeez April 16, 2004
The leader in the 12 bit sampler/drum machine era. Many of your favorite old school tracks were made on the sp1200. Made by E-MU systems, and no longer in production, yet they still sell for $1000+ on ebay.
Madlib Still uses the sp1200.
by hamydeez November 08, 2004
a muthafuckin cuban and chinese like me. shit, you could be cuban and japanese, vietnamese, portugese. A half bred cuban. The illest.
Hdilla the cubanese lover
by hamydeez November 02, 2004
Brooklyn, NYC.
"Bucktown USA - Boot Camp Click"
"Bucktown - Smif n Wesson"
by Hamydeez October 06, 2003
Something hella wack. Shady. A shady feeling/mindstate. Derived from the Bay Area, Northern California.
"Damn shit, today's hella skidda. Fucking girls are wack"
by Hamydeez October 05, 2003

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