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A drinking game involving two hands + two bottles of wine + duct tape (or similar).
When all combined, you reach a surefire recipe for a good night.
There exist several rules to edward winey hands.
1 - The wine bottles must be removed only when finished.
2 - The wine bottles must be removed by a stranger.
3 - Actually I think that's it...
"Ahhh, excuse me miss, could you please remove these wine bottles that are duct-taped to my hands. Yes, I am aware that my trousers are around my ankles, I have been playing Edward winey hands"
by halfbrick May 18, 2007
To get so inebriated as to so something potentially career ending (car/end => crend).
"Come on mate, let's go out tonight and crend"

"I crended pretty hard at the company Xmas party... roundhouse kicked the stripclub sign and got beaten up by the bouncers"
by halfbrick October 15, 2014
To really enjoy or get enthusiastic about something.
Originally related to food, but now extended to anything that one enjoys.
Richard: "Wow, this dinner sure is swell."
Toby: "Get it all over your face."


Tim: "Halo 3 is coming out soon."
Brads: "Oh man, I'm just gonna get it all over my face."
by halfbrick August 31, 2007
A female, derived loosely from "Slut". But often used affectionately.
"She's a good luzz"


"Richie went home with some 30 year old luzz as usual"
by halfbrick December 16, 2008
To fart in one's hand and proffer the resulting smell to an unsuspecting victom's nose. In a motion akin to letting someone smell fresh baking.
John: *arms outstreched, handscupped, uncups hands under jane's nose*

Jane: OMG WTF! You me a cupcaking you cunt!
by halfbrick October 12, 2007

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