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"Michigan has more overall wins, a higher winning percentage, more all time bowl appearences, more national titles depending on who you ask, a winning record against ND."

A university that does not 1) admit based on race; 2) whose football team did not participate in bowls for over 30 years, making "bowl appearances" comparisons idiotic; 3) has more consensus--that means that most experts agree and is the truest measure you can hope for--national titles than anyone, period. Michigan is not even close, and if you compare apples to apples (i.e. use Michigan's retarded method for counting titles), it is about 19 to 11 ND; 4)could not play against Michigan for roughly 70 years, during its dynasty years when it would have decimated Michigan 2 years out of 3, because of UMich's virulent anti-Catholic (yet adamantly pro-minority-at-all-costs) attitude.
If Notre Dame could disregard academic standards like UMich, it would be playing for a national title most years.
by hail to the victors of what October 29, 2006

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