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in greenwich everyone has at least a mercedes, many have bentleys or rolls-royces. the average house if $10 million, and everyone goes on trips everywhere all the time. if you dont have a second house, or something that you dont need over 800 grand, like a bugatti or plane you are poor.
hey man my helicopters in the shop so i cant take it to my private jet, can we use one of your helicopters to take from your private helipad to the airport, or should i just take my shitty aston martin, i mean its already 7 months old!

sure man lemme go get the keys one of my pilots, the white truffles and caviar.

o thanks man i ran out of white truffles to dip in my etible gold.

o thanks for reminding me ill get the gold.

ok well my helicopters are getting pimped at helicopter of greenwich, i guess whe'll have take my rolls-royce.

awww... shit... semi-luxury.
by hahahaay3eydbvklasbfgadsfvads April 25, 2010

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