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One the best Cities in the world !! Capital of France and art and culture. Some ignorants often insult Parisians of being rude, but it's generally because :
1) If you go to NYC and you speak French to ppl, they won't understand and will get angry because you make no effort to speak their language : the same goes with the french...
2) People who go to work aren't too happy to be asked twice a day where is the Eiffel Tower...
And, against all the prejudices, people in Paris *do* take showers everyday (France is well known for products as L'oreal...), and are cool persons....
American : Hey ! you fucking smelly bastard ! tell me where's you fucking dick-shaped tower !!
French : ..........

American : Excusez-moi, I can't speak French... Could you tell me where I can find the subway to go to the Eiffel Tower ?
French : Yeah, for sure, follow me I can show you.
by hachiko_aizawa July 07, 2005
One the most well-known japanese rock band, famous for their lead singer kyo - a beach blond weird dwarf - who cries/screams/shrieks and (used to)spit fake-blood/sperm/saliva during the songs, their weird and stoical drummer Shinya, their (no longer) beautiful and androgynious bassist Toshiya and their two guitarists Kaoru (leader) and Die. Formed in 1998, they released 5 albums so far, and came in Europe (France and Germany) in summer 2005. Considered as one of the biggest visual-kei-related jrock bands (even though they officially no longer belong to that movement). They are (unfortunately) the priviledged target of -bad- fanfiction writers, who like/tend to introduce kyo as an irresponsible 12-years-old sleepy head, toshiya as a slut, kaoru and die as perverts, and shinya as a female.
Alex : hey, who's the hysterical blond screaming and scratchig his chest while rolling on the stage ?!
Love_toshiya_forever : what ? you don't know him ?! He's kyo from dir en grey, my future husband !!! I love him so much !! I've written twelve fics and forty-five lemons on them !!
by hachiko_aizawa July 01, 2005

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