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A great set of tits that fit perfectly in your cupped hands. In between rockin' tits and bee stings, these cans aren't necessarily the biggest, but could be all that one really needs.
"How was that breezy you took home last night?"

"Pretty dece face, nice palmers...took her down hard."
by ha8o8le December 04, 2008
This spin on the old classic is only done when the poor bastards have left their home. You first take a large brown paper grocery bag and cut out one big rectangle from one of the sides. You then take some moist shit and spread it over the whole tray you have formed. Next you slide the tray underneath the person's front door. The large surface area of steaming dung will not only make the entire house smell like shit, but they will then step on it as they walk in and leave shitty footprints and have to clean their shitty shoes.
"I shit tray'd the shit out of Buck's house last night, such a classic move."
by ha8o8le December 04, 2008
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