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1 definition by h4xx

ToonTown Online is a terrible online game. There are only 4 reasons why this game sucks.

1: Servers are crowded chock full of 6 year olds who only want to ditch you in a boss raid, known as "VPs" "CFOs" or "CJs". Those are the only 3 boss fights, and they all are all the same THING! (Minor Battle, Minor Battle again, then Real Battle.)

2: If there are more than 7 people on one map, the game will drop to 4-7 FPS, even on the 1337est of computers. This makes it even harder.

3: The tasks in order to get more HP are so fuckin' boring! All you do is go around and battle the enemies in this game, known as "Cogs", and the typical delivery quest every few quests.

4: The 6 year olds can't type for shit as well. Expect to see stuff like "com vp wit me plz dn ele hop" or "yu stink hi laffr"
As you can see, the lag and the community ruins it.
And that is what ToonTown is. I don't know why I am whining about a fucking kid's game.
by h4xx December 20, 2006