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this is what the devil does on thursday afternoons
everybody knows that snuffling for truffles is wrong, but satan flies in the face of social convention
by h.monkey February 05, 2004
cooky urban corridor game played with paper plates and a ping pong ball. world record holder Big Mao Mao M is currently suffering from sporting injuries.
Big Mao has near-fatal papercut
by h.monkey February 04, 2004
small furry animal that likes to run around with its trousers down to reveal its illuminous pink baboon-style bottom
lulu boo bear please pull up your trousers you are scaring all the rabbits
by h.monkey February 02, 2004
This slang phrase originated in the North of England, and literally means 'rocks'. From the latin 'kicks ass'....
Guns'N'Roses lick balls....
Hazza does not lick balls
by H.Monkey November 03, 2004

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