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A term loosely used in place of "darling". The friendly way of saying "darling".
"Movie at my place tonight?"
"I'm there, dahling!"
by H.M. Switz May 22, 2008
A word that is used as an abbreviation for "Honey".
Short for "Honey".
"Oh emm gee, my boyfriend broke up with me! I need advice!"
"Hun, just ignore him."
by H.M. Switz May 22, 2008
An expression of fear, worry, or being surprised.
"Hey! Did you hear? We have a math test tomorrow! I'm almost positive that I'm going to fail!"
by H.M. Switz April 29, 2008
1. Verb: To not show up to an event/work/etcetera

2. Noun: Someone who does not show up to an event/work/etcetera
1. He was supposed to come to work today, but because he had a hangover, he no-showed.

2. He was supposed to come to work today, but because he had a hangover, he was a no-show.
by H.M. Switz February 20, 2009
1. Where all hope is lost. From "The Great Waldo Search".

You will be my idol if you can find Waldo on that page.

2. Where all hope is lost. Referring to The Land Of Waldos in "The Great Waldo Search".
1.Remy: Hey, Rowan, want to look at this Where's Waldo? book with me?

Rowan: Oh! The pain! The suffering! Such horrible memories!

Remy: ...What?

Rowan: I found Waldo on every page, but when I got to The Land Of Waldos, I knew I could not get any further.

2. Remy: Hey, Rowan, how was the test?

Rowan: It's The Land Of Waldos in there, even if you studied. I hope you weren't planning on going to college.
by H.M. Switz January 26, 2009
Possibility, maybe.
Like how you say "possibly" and "it's a possibility", it's "perhaps" and "it's a perhapsation".
"Feel like hanging at the mall tomorrow?"
"It's a perhapsation..."
by H.M. Switz May 25, 2008
Only the greatest modern rock group ever.

They are from Kansas City, Missouri.

The band was founded by Jim Suptic (guitarist), Brian Everard (bassist), Billy Brimblecom (drummer), althought Billy left the band... but Billy was an awesome guy; he had cancer in his leg.

Blackpool Light's first full album, This Town's Disaster, was released in June of 2006, from Curb Appeal Records.

The songs on This Town's Disaster are:
This Town's Disaster*
Blue Skies**
Empty Tank*
Maybe Just Maybe*
It's Never About What It's About*
The Truth About Love**
Goodnight to Romance**
Crash Sounds*
Cursed By Yourself*
Lost Without You*
and The Last Place*.

(*My favorites. **My favorite favorites... Although I like all of them.)

They have gone on to make music videos, which are also very cool.

A band that I greatly respect.
Person 1: *singing* Please don't wait forever, please don't throw it all away, I'm watching these blue skies fa...

Person 2: Hey, that's a cool song, where'd you hear it?

Person 1: Oh, it's from this really amazingly amazing band called Blackpool Lights!!11!1!!

Person 2: Wow, they sound wonderful!

Person 1: They are. *smilesmilesmile* (:
by H.M. Switz December 15, 2008
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