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Being in a neigborhood that you do not belong in.
Those two white boys in this hood are having a black hawk down situation
by gvr June 01, 2006
To be severely drunk. Usually after a quick and repeat round of shots. For women, 3 beers (one shot). For men, 10 beers (5 shots) . Almost to the point of being blacked out. Usually one can tell if someone is hossed if they are spotted shummin' on a dance floor or in a crowded bar. What women would call "belligerent" or annoyingly "wastey-faced" . Search: shummin'
Yeah he ripped like 4 shots and was so hossed he started shummin' right there.
by GVR February 23, 2013
To Swing your hand violently over your head in a circular motion. Can be executed with a fist or more effectively with a hand placed in the "Number 1" setting. Frequently done instead of dancing to assert dominance at a bar or club. Usually people shum during sexual intercourse, or when they are heavily intoxicated. See: hossed or haused.
We ripped like 5 shots and about 5 minutes later I was on the dance floor shummin'
by GVR February 23, 2013
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