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2 definitions by guyvf

2 or more police vehicles moving fast in the same direction _without_ their sirens on. so named because they must be in a hurry to get cheap donuts.
(2 friends walking down a street)
1:"so I was like, yeah"
(police cars whiz by, silently)
2:"Donut sale!"
1:"shut up."

(man comes home to his girlfriends' apartment after work)
M:"did you hear about the donut sale?"
M:"two cop cars whizzed by me on the interstate with no sirens."
F:"oh, it must have been that shooting I heard about..."
by guyvf December 10, 2008
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'catching the gay'. Usually used in the negative sense, i.e. 'there's no such thing as'. portmanteau of sodomy + osmosis.
(Joe Straight recoils from the touch of Tom Flamer)
Joe:"you're invading my space!"
Tom:"Dude, there's no such thing as Sodosmosis, mmmkay?"
by guyvf November 05, 2007
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