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5 definitions by guyatrandom

A shortened form of "What the fuck do you mean?", largely used when the person using the phrase takes a comment in a negative way.
"I'm just sayin' man, yo momma good in bed."
"Fuck you mean, man?"
by guyatrandom August 05, 2009
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the exact same thing as a dub, taken in context of a quantity of marijuana or the size of a rim; in this instance, however, it is exaggerated or emphasized


dubEEN! (emphasis on the EEN)
"Hey man, let me get that dubeen!"
by guyatrandom April 20, 2010
3 1
Exactly the same thing as a dub, but with added emphasis. Pronounced with emphasis on the final syllable. Usually used as a substitute for dubeen.
"Hey man, let me get that dub heem!"
by guyatrandom April 26, 2010
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A slang term that addresses a cua in reference to memphis.
"I'm from memphicua!" cua cuz memphis
by guyatrandom June 10, 2009
7 9
Snoop Dogg's New legal name.
Niggarachi made the song "Drop it Like It's Hot", back when he was snoop doggy dogg, fool!
by guyatrandom September 05, 2009
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