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some good ass pussy..
man 1)damn son that was some good ass pussy
man 2)it was pussilicious ha
man 1) hell yea
by gutta 07 June 05, 2007
Otherwise known as crack-cocaine that good sgit them crack heads be puffing on....
yo son this dude looking for some crazack, you got any..
by gutta 07 June 05, 2007
its a fucked up toe thats mad black usally the pinkie toe but the shit would look like a burnt rasin.
yo son ya girl got a rasin toe look at that shit it looks like a little terd.
by gutta 07 June 06, 2007
perferably aiming at a women this term means that she is ghetto to the fullist. grew up in the hood and lives in the hood she gangsta what every hood dude need..
man im tired of these young girls and there games im about to get a hooded out chick na-mean.
by gutta 07 June 04, 2007
all time show on tv with martin lawrence.
son you ever see the show martin its fucking to funny.
by gutta 07 June 05, 2007
you know what i mean
we have to hurry up before we be late shana mean.
by gutta 07 June 04, 2007
when you locked up this is the time whens its best to shut the fuch up or get restraint..
yo knucle head its silent period so shut the fuck up unless you want a rug burn..
by gutta 07 June 05, 2007

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