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A sub genre of Electro music primarily from italy characterized by its use of the "hoover" sound, which is a sound created on a sythesizer which often resembles motors or turbines (hence the vacuum cleaner reference), as well as medium(140 bpm) to somewhat fast(160 bpm) temps. notable artists include belzebass, cyberpunkers, trashing teenagers, haezer, GSUS, bloody beetroots, and several others. several artists have fused electrotrash with other genres, for example Doctor P who often mixes trashy synth lines with dubstep wobble bass.
Me: hey did you hear the new belzebass song?
Friend: wtf is a belzebass?
Me: their electrotrash ill play one of their songs 4 u.
Friend: wtf did some1 bring a beehive into my apartment?
Me: nah thats just the music.
Friend: why did all my windows suddenly shatter?
Me: eh thats pretty normal you'll get used to it.
Friend: get used to it? that was awsome!
Me: i know right?
by gurglegurglewubwubwhomp March 16, 2011

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