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Someone who tries to impress people with proper grammer, but lacks the ability to use proper grammer . Dirrived from the words "whome" and "It", the compound word is believed to be a smart and formal introduction to a letter. Jokes on you meat head.
"To whomit may concern, "

Buddy's a whomit, cant even spell his middle name.
by gunzworth April 27, 2011
Sending a picture of yourself, (via text, bbm, MMS, ect.. ) instead of the usual, "Hi!" Photos generally include a hand gesture, such as waving, and red, glossy pupils, implying the nature of the saying "Oh High"

When one is high, and wish to communicate with another individual, but is not yet sure if they are experiencing the same state of bliss
Lets "Oh High" Harito!

Haley sent me an "Oh High" on 420
by gunzworth April 27, 2011

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