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Similar to Ginormous, Giehugeic is a step above. It is commonly used to describe something large or of great stature or all out, big.
It's pronounced as: "Gi-Huge-ick"
Ex.1) Dude that giraffe is fucking giehugeic!

Ex.2) Man, John got the shit kicked out of him by some giehugeic 11th grader...

Ex.3) Stan's dick is so small, it makes mine look giehugeic.
by gunut09 March 07, 2009
Big'n'Nasy describes the act of cumming into a womans, or mans mouth then proceeding to shit in their mouth also. After this, you make-out with the person with the cum/shit mixture and swap back and forth swallowing a little of the matter each time until it's entirely gone. Similar to snowballing
Guy1: Dude...I did a Big'n'Nasty with Victoria last night.
Guy2: Yea, I can tell...I can smell the shit on your breath.
by gunut09 March 07, 2009
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