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A nifty store found in malls that has a little something for everyone: preppie clothes, gothy clothes, normie clothes, etc. The best part is that their merchandise is inexpensive, which can be a good thing if you're just looking for something nice to wear for the evening, or a bad thing if you're a shopaholic. But beware: if you're walking into the store, don't expect them to be well-stocked with clothes in size medium. Usually their clothes are either too small, or too big. That, and be prepared to stand in a long line toward the dressing room. The reason for the long line is because of the store's return policy: you can only get store credit within 28 or something days and the clothes have to be returned in mint condition (no rips, tears, or splotches, unwashed andunworn). So you have to be exactly sure of what you want and what size you want it in.

Otherwise, way better than Abercrombie, and all the rest. If you're a goth (or somebody who has an underground fashion sense) who shops at F21, people won't look at you or neglect to greet you like they do at Abercrombie, because they'll be too busy rummaging through the masses of clothes and accessories.
I love Forever 21, though I personally prefer shopping on their website rather than rummaging at their store for a shirt that they most likely do not have in my size.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e August 25, 2008
in Point Pleasant, west virginia, there is a flyin beast called the mothman. wittnesses say that it appears to be a big, dark, tall man but sprouts wings from behind its back. the most recognizable trait are its big glowing red eyes. since the 1960s many sightings have been reported. it also has a reputation of chasing ppl. i must say, the mothman is one of the scariest cryptids out there.
If u go to Point Pleasant, West Virginia, ur in for a suprise.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 30, 2005
Another one of the Twilight fandom's gay little ships. One who sides with Team Jacob will:
- Prefer Jacob over Edward
- Prefer Jacob with Bella
- Prefer werewolves over vampires

Team Jacob supporters tend to be less aggressive than the Team Edward supporter, though they are not a force to be dealt with.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e April 06, 2009
an assumption of a certain group of ppl. the simpsons area perfect example of a stereotypical town. where homer is the fat lazy husband with a dead end job, marge is the housewife that doesnt have a life outside the house, bart is the trouble maker boy, lisa is the forgotten, misunderstood girl, maggie is the quiet baby who never speaks, mr. burns is the evil bossman, apu is the foreign shop keeper, and the polie are lazy ppl who eat donuts all day. all the other characters are self explanitory.

stereotypes seem to be an alternative to ppl who dun weanna get to know other ppl. so they classify them with out gettin the facts.
Common stereotypes:

1) All white ppl hate ppl who are different than them and MUST feel supiorer to them
2) All black ppl are ghetto hoodrats that dont attempt to do anything with their lives
3) All asians are smart ppl who hate everyone who are differnt
4) Muslims and middle easterns all want to blow up ppl
5) All black ppl are good at basketball
6) White ppl or goody goody house wife ppl who want to be more perfect than everyone else and hate it when other ppl get ahead of them in life
7) Black ppl are stupid and ignorant
8) Goths only wear black and theyre always thinkin about life, death, and commiting suicide
9) British ppl are some of the most snooty ppl who disgust everyone, even though they have some of the worst teeth in the world

these are just a few. there are a ton ton more.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e July 22, 2005
also called "the goat sucker" (Spanish=Chupar means "to suck or to draw fluid;Cabra means "goat"), el chupacabra was first sighted in Puerto Rico, draining the bodily fluid and some vital organs out of its victim's body. There are no or very little fight or fly wounds on the victims body, meaning that the creature might have telepathic powers. the only wounds on the victims body are two small puncture wounds around the neck area, like a vampire. Wittnesses say that the beast is 4-5 feet tall, have big, red eyes, spines running down its back, big hind legs, and possibly small wings for flight.

from the first sighting, other sightings of el chupacabra have been sighted in chile, columbia, mexico as well as the U.S. and similar attacks in the U.K., Ireland and Spain. It almost seems that its going further north...so far, ONE human as been attacked by this mysterious beast (Watch Animal X on Animal Planet for more info), but no others.

There are a few theories behind this creature. El Chupacabra is either a:
1)unidentified animal yet to be discovered
2)reinactment of ancient gargoyles (but i highly doubt it. seeing how gargoyles are a COMPLETELY different race)
3)alien species from a different planet
4)NASA experiment thats gone horribly wrong
5)occult.or gang activity trying to scare the public.

what do YOU think?
that dang on chupacabra killt all ma chickens!
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e June 29, 2005
The canon of fandom.

Fanon is the collection concepts and ideas that are normally used in most fan fiction, but don't really existence in the real story's canon.

If a concept was used in the canon, it is only mention once in the entire series and is never mentioned again. Fan fiction writers will most likely instigate these concepts in their fics.
Some people think that fanon is phoney and stupid, but most fanon concepts are actually pretty good.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e December 26, 2007
a book/movie that was so scary, that you will supposedly throw away the book, and turn on all the lights and tvs in your house after reading or watching the story.
i ran up my electric bill after reading the exorcist.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e January 01, 2006
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