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Santa's favorite gift for naughty boys and girls
Man it really sucks, I know this is the third year in a row that Santa is going to leave me a lump of coal!
by Guido1 December 22, 2009
The means by which entities, as government agencies, as the Federal Reserve, Department of the Treasury, and institutions as the central bank, control the supply of money (M1, M3). This process includes trading in foreign exchange markets.

Monetary policy can but viewed in its two forms: expansionary and contractionary. Expansionary policy increases the total money supply (liquidity) and is used to fight unemployment or recessionary pressures, mainly by lowering interest rates. Direct cash infusions to struggling private institutions or government rebates to individuals can be used as emergency measures to avoid panic runs on banks as was seen in the 1929 market crash. These measures are very dangerous and are considered highly inflationary and destabilizing to currency exchange rates. Economic theory would indicate that such uncontrolled printing of money, indicates failure of fiscal policy (which refers to government borrowing, spending, and taxation).

Contractionary policy is used to control inflation by raising interest rates. A "perfect storm" scenario would be when a government "should be" using a contractionary policy and resorts to an expansionary policy.
The world is very critical of the monetary policy of the United States and is punishing it by devaluing its currency.
by Guido1 March 30, 2008
The subjective measure of the psychological "impact" of any given event.
Those involved the plotting of the 9/11 attacks were attempting to maximize the shock factor.
by Guido1 March 27, 2008
The space-time concept is the most difficult to explain or understand in the entirety of human knowledge. We perceive reality in terms of up and down, left and right, even jokes are made like: "He doesn't know up from down." For we view things in relativistic terms, and dualisms. Does up exist by itself? Does left exist by itself? Are they continuum's? Can an event exist as a non-event. Are space and time inseparable dualities? How many dimensions are there--one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, then eleven. Black holes, white holes event horizon, helix, super galactic, sub-atomic, worldlines. string-like, super-strings, quarks, gluon's, tachyons, big-bang, big-bang plus 1 x 10 minus 18th second. An event in terms of x,y, and z with respect to a rotational helix with a velocity equal to c on the worldline so long as it occurs outside the event-horizon and stays within the worldline. That's why they messed up the Philadelphia experiment.
You are playing God when you mess with the space-time continuum.
by Guido1 March 07, 2008
Do unto others before they start looking for you.
The rewrite of the Golden Rule into what is now the AIG Golden Rule, has ruined business dealings for everyone, and bankrupt the country.
by Guido1 March 21, 2009
When you realize that all the money you had been socking away into investments, has already been spent by someone else. Also, that you would have been better off to have spent it all on really dumb stuff like a Corvette, motorcycles, boats, all sorts of big-boy toys; now all you have is basically, nothing.
I just retired and looked at my investments and had my Madoff moment.
by Guido1 February 21, 2009
A shorted word for inline rollerblading, inline skating, rollerblading, or aggressive skating.
Hey dude, I got some time after school, let's go blading, ok?
by Guido1 March 06, 2008
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