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An amazing person. Everyone wishes they had a friend named Katherine. She is unique, tries hard in life, and likes only 1 guy. She's smart, kind, and trustworthy. But on the inside is very insecure. Guys may like her, but think she's out of their league, so they give up. If you know a Katherine, tell her she's pretty, and it will make her day.
Tommy: Omg, it's Katherine!
His friend: Hey, dont you like her?
Tommy: Well, I guess. But she's too good for me...


Katherine: Oh, its Tommy...
Her friend: Dont you like him?
Katherine: Im not pretty enough for him...
by GuessWhoThisIs February 14, 2013
Kiwis: Women; Small tits, big arses and attitude to match. Rugby jerseys look good on All Blacks and not on girls even if you have on your best trackpants. Sculling piss is for blokes. Your friendships with other girls are not like men's so stop trying to act like them.

Kiwi Blokes: Honest, simple, loyal, hardworking, charming, easy to please and the girls lucky enough to get the chance realise multiple orgasms are not fiction, Generous, respectful and ferocious in a fight. You can see Russel Crowe proved his birthplace when performing in Gladiator.
look at me i am one of those kiwis
by guesswhothisis October 10, 2006

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