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the best fast food place you go to wind down at after a party with either the jr bacon cheeseburger, the best nuggets, or the famous frosty. Probably the best feeling to see the fat wendy's sign when you're baked.
*smokes a fat blunt*
5 minutes later...Let's go to wendys
by guesswhatitis July 28, 2006
You know you're from North Haven when

-You know at least one person with a jeep or a jetta.

-Every year you treat Dave Matthews Band at the Meadows like it's a religious holiday.

-After a party breaks up you all end up at Wendy's.

-You own at least one item from American Eagle or Abercrombie and Fitch.

-You've worn adidas sandals when there was snow on the ground or plan to.

-You spent one of your middle school nights, every weekend, at the movie theatre.

-When you walk into a party the first thing you look for is a pong table.

-You claim you're a Beer Pong champion.

-You know at least one guy with a blow out and one girl that needs to take off some make-up.

-You have claimed that our town is gay and that you need friends from other towns.
north haven north haven i lived here here
by guesswhatitis July 24, 2006

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