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Big papa, main, man, big,daddy, its a cocky way of saying daddy, its a spanish term, guys use ot on them selfs but a girl can call them also
"Y u ask him 2 take u 2 the mall u got ur paparon right here"


"PAPARON donde tu me gebas"
#papa #big dady #main man #your number 1 #your man
by guera_ February 15, 2008
to dance with to a fast paced beat, house music to be more exsact, the danceing can be as simple as shacking your hips or as complex as shaking ur but while almost laying on the floor, various beats basily the music contols your pace
v:Ima go 2 da club latta
z: u ganna get yo juke on?
v:hell yeaaa!
"man that girl can juke all the way to da floor"
#dance #house music #jukeing #juked #grind
by guera_ February 15, 2008
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