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{n} a cheap and quick one night stand just to satisfy sexual urges.
Man I was so horny, so last night I picked up a nice whore d'oeuvre at the bar.
by Guaglione1972 July 25, 2008
(fays-shpuk-ah) n. Social media adaption of the Yiddish word Mischpucha, meaning family. Face-shpucha are your closest Facebook friends.
I never accept instant messaging unless it's from my face-shpucha.
by guaglione1972 October 29, 2010
n good kharma, non-monetary compensation for doing good works or for doing something that follows one's bliss
Jenny doesn't make any money reading to the blind, but she makes a ton of soul cash.
by guaglione1972 July 24, 2008
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