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Figurative term used to describe the act of making amends after two men have a scuffle or disagreement. It often is accompanied with a simple hand gesture where the tips of both index fingers are put together in a gentle way. In rare instances, when one man wants to make amends, he will initiate the reconciliation by making the gesture to the other man pleadingly. (Beware: writer doesn't suggest this method for the potential danger of getting one's ass kicked.)

NOTE: The term also works quite well when it's involving 1 man and a butch woman OR 2 butch women.
GIRL: Man, Jeff and Gary were really pissed at each other on Friday. I hope they don't wind up fighting at work tomorrow.

GUY: No, it's cool now. Jeff took Gary out for a couple beers on Saturday night to touch wieners* and talk it out. They're good friends again.

* This is where the guy could add the hand gesture, if he felt so inclined
by guacablowme November 12, 2009

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