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Of the male species Joe. Involves the act of hot sweaty naughty sex. Drives around blasting The Misfits.
I got some of the Joe last nite.
by grumpybear April 08, 2003
The medical condition that answers the phenomenon of why nearly every violent crime and theft offense is conducted by an African American male or Hispanic.

The crime gene phenomena also accounts for why newscasters need not mention the race of the robber, but is sure to describe his approximate height, weight, and eye color. One may simply assume that the egregious violator is afflicted with the dark skin crime gene.
Mary the News Anchor: Our top story tonight, police are looking for a man suspected in a series of robberies on the city's (insert side of city where the homies live) side. The robber brandished a handgun and assaulted the clerk before taking off with an undetermined amount of cash and a forty ouncer.

Second Anchor: Wow Mary, did the police give any indication

as to whether they have any suspects?

Mary: Not at this time, but DNA evidence recovered from the 40 ounce can of beer tested positive for the dark skin crime gene.

Second Anchor: Well, let's hope a cure is found soon. Thanks for the story.
#black skin crime gene #crime #crime gene #dark skin #black #hispanic #robbery
by Grumpybear February 05, 2012
A firefighter or fireman. Slang term used by police to describe firefighters. The origin stems from the sounds of a bell on an antique fire truck.

A ding ding is a fireman, often a volunteer, who likes his bells and whistles. His personal vehicle may have more lights on it than a UFO.

Also, see Whacker.
Here come the ding dings. He's a ding ding.
#ding ding #dinging #dingslang #dingy ding! fo fo #fireman #whacker #whackers #firemen #fo-fo
by Grumpybear February 03, 2012
A firefighter or fireman. A spin off from the slang popo for police.
If the police are the popo, then the fire department is the fofo. Ambulances would be the Ambo.
#fo fo #fo-fo #fofo #popo #fireman #firefighters #ding ding #dinging
by Grumpybear February 03, 2012
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