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1 definition by grumitfreesince93

A person who wears trip pants, all black, and tons of chains. Think they are "hardcore" but are really just being laughed at. They do not shower so they smell really bad, and there hair is greasy and parted straight down the middle. They have horrible hygiene and acne. They have HUGE obsessions with ANIME. They think that they look like the characters from the shows, but they just look completely PATHETIC. There idea of fun is getting together with their herd of grumit friends and playing yugioh cards. They are usually yelling and waving there hands around in the air when talking to eachother. They are probably the MOST obnoxious people on this planet.
GRUMIT 1:"Hazzar! I challenge you to a duel kekiojakamori!"
GRUMIT 2:"Thy sword is no match for my magical powers nakuroki!"
PERSON NEARBY: "wow, get a life grumits"
by grumitfreesince93 March 12, 2010