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The odd leftover day stuck to the end of a dreadful little month thereby extending the hell that is known as february ... a barren bundle of 28 dark and cold days. Often celebrated with potlucks and birthday parties for the often strange employee who was unfortunate enough to be born on this day.
me: "As a single, non-African American male who is not really excited about groundhogs or dead presidents, i am so happy that this month is finally over."
you: "Really? The every four year leap day festival potluck spread replete with all sorts of casseroles and jello dishes and topped off with a birthday cake for Warren from accounting doesn't have you tingling with excitement?"
by groundedsteve February 25, 2012
the all knowing - or seemingly all knowing - creep in the crowd who feels the need to promote themselves solely on the basis of of their little bit of focused knowledge.
"Because of my deep knowledge and experience, I will enlighten you on the correct way to view this perspective."

(thought bubble of everyone else in the room) "blow it out your ass, smug fucker"
by groundedsteve December 26, 2011
The phrase uttered when a cougar bags her prey.
Me (on the phone with a hot 40ish cougar)
"He's how old?!? Well, Coo coo ca choo, Mrs. Robinson, Coo Coo ca choo."
by groundedsteve September 14, 2011
A gathering of the socially challenged; a festival for twats.
"are you going to the all nighter scrapbooking party?" - a.

"i wouldn't go to that twatfest for all the tea in china" - b.
by groundedsteve June 24, 2011
Enough exercise to burn 1000 calories. If you are fat enough - it should take about an hour. It is used as justification for cake.
large marge: "ok, i will eat 3 pieces of cake now but this afternoon i plan to burn a K, so it's all good."
by groundedsteve October 08, 2011
when someone (who is usually a slob) appears to be too well coordinated.
me: "jake's tie, shoes and belt are unusually matched today - he is very garanimalish."

you: "his mom dressed him"
by groundedsteve October 12, 2011
The nun hut is where nuns live. It could also be used as a term for an abode where women who don't put out live - like a sorority that prides itself on its academic record.
"Did you get anywhere with Tiffany the other night?" - a.
"Are you kidding, she lives in the nun hut!" - b.
by groundedsteve June 25, 2011

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