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The effect caused by having a really awesome sticker and no appropriate place to use it. General symptoms include keeping the sticker in a drawer and never actually using it. Sometimes resulting in affixation remorse.
"I have contracted a case of sticker paralysis from this Vintage Apple sticker. I can't decide if I should put it on my fake plastic guitar or my rear window or my skateboard. It is too precious to use on just anything.
by grimfish March 05, 2009
The feeling that you wasted an awesome sticker that you probably should have used elsewhere. Often the result of sticker paralysis, and similar to Tattoo Remorse
Dude 1: "why so glum?"
Dude 2: "Affixation remorse"
Dude 1: "What?"
Dude 2: I stuck that sweet vintage Apple sticker on my old PS2 Guitar Hero Guitar. I never even play that game any more. I should have put it on the rear window of my truck"
Dude 1: "what a waste"
by grimfish March 05, 2009
some chick that keeps a list of the famous people she sleeps with.
Cathy: "OMG I just dry humped Richard Lewis in the bathroom. I am so gonna add him to the list."
Jennifer: "You are the lamest star collector i have ever met."
Cathy: "ROCK ON!"
by grimfish December 30, 2007

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