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The feeling of agonizing devestation because you lost all your porn. This is due to discovery of porn by spouse and it getting dumped by them. Or voluntary when your spouse burns it in front of you while filming it with a flip phone and posting on line. Say you has stored 17 years of porn and archeived it and now sits in a rented storage unit which was confiscaded for non-payment. Involuntary: destroyed by natural event beyond control. the feeling of doom when you realise you have no porn and must find it again, thank god for the internet.

But with the interned comes the ability to have gobs of porn and you go broke buying extended hard drives to house em all. Porn morn happend when you loose all this data,either by having a friend help you out and accidently wipe your computer clean, or parent/spouse/whatever finds your porn and you have to 86 it.
A: What is wrong with Kerric?
B: Give him a break, his wife Molly made him throw out his 35 year collection of "Inches" magazine and then threw him out.

A: Poor guy, porn mourn and rejection.
by gretel666 June 16, 2010
When one uses the glory hole for some head and the other person is really ugly or gross.
A: What did you do last night?
B: I was horny so I went to the adult book store to get serviced?
A: Like thru a glory hole?
B: More like a Gorryhole!!
A: What you mean?
B: The person on the other side was 3,000 pounds and smelled like cabagge.
by gretel666 September 28, 2010
Viagra Remorse: When you take a Viagra in hopes of having hot sex, and a minute later something gets in the way (boyfriend, lover, room mate, relatives, work, ugly mis-matched-craigslist tricks, or you) that ruins; either intentional or unintentionaly , bumpin’ uglies. Then you have a boner for the evening and can’t/won’t do anything to relieve oneself. Then getting mad at wasting your last black market pill on such a undertaking.
A: Hey baby, I just popped my last little blue daddies’ lil’helper, so you are in trouble when you get here!

B: Didn’t you get my text? I told you that I had to get my boil lanced and she gave me something for that yeast infection.

A: Um...rigghhht, listen I think Im gonna sit this one out. (Sigh, Viagra Remorse again)

C: {libido} (sigh)
by gretel666 July 20, 2010

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