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Julia's are terminally psycho. They have a penchant for being pleasing to the eye, soothing on the ear and sharp and pointy in the back.

Julia's love to gossip, but not be seen gossiping. They love to look down their nose from their high horse and watch us all try to scramble to please her. Her flair for grace and beauty set the perfect backdrop for the amount of drama that she will add to your life. Her maternal instinct is to mother every one she meets, and makes herself to be a martyr. She will be the paragon of perfection that makes you want to strive to be her, and once left in her wake, the destruction she has wrought will come tumbling down upon you, and you will be left to take the blame.
That girl went totally Julia on you! Call the police!
by gremung February 03, 2010

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