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A carsophagus is a pothole in the road that is so large that it tends to "eat a car". This is a play (Spoonerism type) on the word "sarcophagus" which literally means "body eater".
He drove into a carsophagus created by the spring freezing and thawing, and the car's front wheel alignment was ruined.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 03, 2004
A good feeling that occurs when a persons karma is enhanced after good deeds are performed. Antonym: karspasm
His efforts to aid the homeless resulted in a kargasm at the end of the day.
by Gregory V. Richardson March 24, 2004
Literally, this means soul-body-chemical seperation. So, this is another name for execution by lethal injection. Compare this to death by electrocution: pneumocorporialelectrolysis.
The murderer was put to death by pheumocorporialchemolysis.
by Gregory V. Richardson March 03, 2004
This word is a combination of "gnosis" (knowledge) and "narcissist" (a self-centered person). So, a gnosonarcissist is a person who believes in a self-centered way that his level of knowledge is correct and/or complete despite what others know. This implies a lack of understanding that others might know more in areas of knowledge in either a horizontal way (breadth of knowledge) or a vertical way (depth of knowledge).
Dudley was a gnosonarcissist who believed that his own limited understanding was better than the the knowledge of others who knew much more.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 08, 2006
Seeing things in a black and white manner, like the colors of a panda.

Viewing life as extremes.

Unable to see a middle ground.
In his pandacious view, other people were either for him or against him.
by Gregory V. Richardson November 30, 2003
A polite way of saying what is of or like that which is septic, that is to say: "shitty". Also, in Latin a septum is a wall, so something septicious walls one off from that which is pleasant.
Her father thinks that her septicious attitude stinks.
by Gregory V. Richardson October 04, 2003
"Gnosis" means "knowledge", and "arsonist" means "someone who sets fire to property", so a gnosoarsonist attempts metaphorically to destroy knowledge perceived to be unacceptable. He seeks to suppress knowledge contrary to his own stand rather than winning others over by reason or truth.
He was a gnosoarsonist who thought that a "liberal" view favoring racial diversity should be destroyed. He didn't understand that such a view was "humanist" and affirming of understanding and acceptance in an expansive manner.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 08, 2006
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