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The AMAZING guitarist for system of a down. He is not afraid of being set apart from the crowd or being rejected. He comes and plays his music and lets you be...

He loves his music and does whatever he thinks is fun and RIGHT because he can and he always makes you laugh...he has a great singing voice and always makes the best quotes in the world.

He may not be the ABSOLUTE best guitar PLAYER. But he is the best guitarist when it comes to just playing it all out
"I want you to JUMP" says Daron Malakian
*crownd bounces for a minute and cheers wildly*
"SHUT UPPP!!! SHUT UP!!! SHUT THE FUCK UPP!!!" yells daron

"i like to watch retarted people have sex, am i alone in this??? i dont feel alone..." says daron
by greg demarc February 15, 2007
basically a saying that you use to describe a skank or any overall large girl with some extra baggage...the ones that wear their skirts too high and show off a little too much then i would like to see

wow dude...wtf is up with emmas skirt god damn...its too high and i can see her huge arse...

i know man, shes a whale
by greg demarc February 15, 2007
a good view is when you get a good look at a girl with a FINE BEHIND that is accidentally or purposally showing it off and you just happen to check it out in time to get a little peek of the goods

*kate bends over, exposing thong*

"wow! good view over there!!!" says greg
"you bet!" says bob
by greg demarc February 15, 2007
A MMPORPG that is highly adictive to most that play it. It loses a good reputation from its bad graphics, poor childish society of 12 year olds, and its overall adiction. Most people that play another game such as world of warcraft (which i do not) dispise this game and just try to find the bad spots in it. I played for two years, at the beginning when i played i lost a lot of friends and most of my social life but now that ive quit i have steadily regained it and my grades.

If you are going to play this game i would suggest that you spend a max of one hour a day on it and spend the rest outside, doing schoolwork/work for a job, spending time with family. Because unlike the real world, even if you are the nicest person in the entire game and the BEST person in the entire game, it will never matter in real life except make you subjet to ridicule as a geek or nerd

I was playing that game runescape last night, it was really fun and i played it for 5 hours strait!

*sees report card and lack of friends*

N00Bz0rzz h4l<z0rz!!!! /\/\i /\/\4i/\/ 15 z3z1m4!!!
by greg demarc December 12, 2006

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