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the act of two males taking their erect penises and smacking them against each others penis is a completely non-homosexual way.
chris and zac had a horrible jewish sword fight
by greg February 12, 2005
(n) A genius who tirelessly works to expose the murderous lies committed by the US government abroad.
I've never learned as much from school as I have from Chomsky's books!
by greg February 03, 2007
A pretty shitty restaurant that sometimes serves mediocre food if the cooks are at their best. However, this is completely acceptable, considering that each patron is drunk of their asses. Who cares what the food tastes like? You'll be throwing it up in the morning.

See Also: IHOP
I just plugged a rather large girl. I just want some fucking pancakes right now, I don't want to think about my dick falling off. I'll save that for tomorrow.
by Greg April 25, 2004
To deficate. From the Japanese in Hawaii.
by Greg July 02, 2003
A rude surfer; formerly known as a Barney.
"That dude's always hogging all the good waves, he's such a hodad."
by Greg March 30, 2003
It means Smoking Crack!!!!
Whats up with John? He was Crackalacking all weekend!
by Greg March 18, 2005
slang used by sws instead of beast... sounds better
holy shit that was breast!
by greg November 10, 2004

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