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Overly melodic 'extreme' metal. Characterized by strange band names, overly complex song titles, influence from classical music, and catchy choruses. Rhapsody, Bal-Saggoth, and Stormlord are all good examples of Troll Metal. See also Glory Metal.
Dude, this Troll Metal really sucks, but it's so catchy I can't stop listening to it.
by Greg September 28, 2003
A word that is not know to "bob"
Bob, what do you say we break down?
Bob: No oh my gosh NO, that means we have 10 people doing nothing
by greg February 29, 2004
A town with a mixture of different kinds of people.
Reisterstown is aight.
by greg April 14, 2004
a normal person who is surrounded by mass media and audience
that guy on the tv is a total fuckwad
by greg March 28, 2004
affectionate insult
Oy! Bitchcakes!
by greg November 20, 2003
Mother Fucking Champ!!
that dood is a mfc
by greg January 20, 2004
noisecore is a subgenre of metal that transcends both hardcore and metal. It's intrumentation is unique- in that the guitar riffs are numerous and chaotic- often involving harmonics and fretboard noise. The vocals are normal screamed and hard to follow. That , however does not mean that the lyrics themselves are banal and unintelligent. On the contrary, noisecore lyrics are esoteric and ambiguous often having multiple meanings. Some of the most proficient of drummers can be found in noisecore.The rythmns are sporadic and often polyrythmic as well. Jazz influences can also be found in noisecore as well. The more complex the music is, the farther away from tradional song structures become.Chaos in noisecore is paramount.Noisescapes and samples are found frequently in this genre as an enhancement to the music to give it a more darker feel.
converge the dillenger escape plan
by greg September 23, 2003

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