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this is just in response to the person who stated that Anne Arundel Community College is in SP. I'm sorry friend but you obviously don't know your surrondings very well because the college is down College Parkway... in ARNOLD. Although everything was acurate about the Park, I just wanted to clear that up because well you make the rest of us parkies look stupid because you can't distinguish SP from Arnold.

ps. Severna Park is full of rich kids, great athletes, moms who drive SUVs and go tanning daily, great small businesses, skaters, druggies, dorks, and snobs. You name it we got it. But mostly we stand out with our popped collars, bmw's, and kids spending mommy and daddy's money. I'm not a fan, but I've lived here my whole life. Can't diss a place unless you've lived here, so all y'all from other schools have nothing to say, cuz you're not stuck here!!
get up, practice a sport, shower, pop that collar, and hop on your boat for a day of wakeboarding and tanning ... welcome to severna park life
by greeneyes87 May 09, 2006

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