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Fayettenam refers only to Fayetteville NC .

Nam referring to Vietnam because of the very close military base. Locals did not want the military base to be shipped out to Vietnam for the war so they made up the nickname Fayettenam & its still used today . Another nickname for Fayetteville is 2-6 which is why you might see people from Fayetteville NC making the hand sign with all fingers on the left hand up and then all the fingers on the right hand up except the middle and thumb . The pointer finger make "6" and the pinky and ring finger make "2" . Fayetteville is also home of the first rapper signed to Jay-Z music label -- J. Cole ; Who Went To Terry Sanford High in Fayetteville .
Girl : Im going back to Fayettenam tonight .
Boy : Dont you live in Arkansas ?
Girl : Yea im going to Fayettenam in Arkansas .
Boy : Theres only one Fayettenam in North Carolina .
by greeneyedmonster11 January 23, 2011

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