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A mound kid is one of those students that constantly hangs on the mound, they are always wearing expensive hip designer clothes, they secretly smoke weed right in front the administration without getting caught and are mostly of the Caucasian race with a tiny portion of African Americans and Hispanics. They are often mistaken for hippies. Mound kids usually party really hard often with their neighbors and friends from all over the area. Mound kids mostly originate from the shitty white trash areas in southern California and know pretty much every white person there. About 96% of them are usually drug addicts, stoners and alcoholics. Mound boys usually wear giant sunglasses, skinny jeans and loose T-shirt, they talks slow have blood shot eyes, and some of them are pretty smart/artistic. Unlike the mound girls who are usually backstabbing, conceited, and have bad hygiene But both just love to judge people who don’t dress right, smoke right, and party right. They also secretly rule school, are rich, are the center of attention and are exceptionally good looking. Some get good grades while some don’t but the teachers still love them.
"Did you see that mound kid? He is so high, too bad the teachers are so stupid they'll never notice.”

"Look at that mound kid! He probably got high last night at that party in the valley."

“Why are your eyes red?”

“I just smoked a bowl defore I got here.”

“Dude, really?"

by greeneyedbiter July 13, 2009

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